Win British Airways Avios Via Facebook

I stumbled across a post in my newsfeed about a British Airways’ instant-win slots game on Facebook called “Instant Avios where you can win up to 60,000 Avios (complete T+C). You may enter daily until May 13, 2013, and you can earn more “tokens” simply by inviting friends to play.

Unfortunately, even with 5 tokens to start with, I didn’t have much luck… no prizes for me. How about you?

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  1. oliver2002 says

    35+ tokens so far, no joy. Methinks this is one big joke for users, with BA trying to catch up on their ‘like’ count compared to LH, AF/KL & others.

  2. glu800 says

    If you read the T&C, it says only a total of 30 1,000 Avios prizes will be awarded, and only one 60,000 Avios grand prize will be awarded. Chances seem really low given how many people are on FB.

  3. Santastico says

    Just an important note that the FAcebook app will ask for access to your public profile, your friends list and your likes. That for me is too much information just to play a game.

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