Two Things That Amused Me Today

In an hour, I am leaving Australia (sad face), but I am headed to Tokyo to meet up with Mommy Points and other frequent flyers for a few days, so I’m looking forward to that before arriving back home in NY.

Two things amused me today at the airport. The first is probably old news, but I am easily fascinated by little things, so I thought it was “cool” to have my own designated iPad loaded with movies, TV shows, and music as my IFE (in-flight entertainment) onboard my Qantas flight between Melbourne and Sydney.

Apparently Qantas was the first to introduce this concept, which they call “qstreaming”, but I can imagine it being available on more flights in the near future. For those new to the concept like I was, David Flynn at Australian Business Traveler does a nice job covering it in his post here.

For the most part, I thought it  was cool in-flight experience. Too bad you’re limited to their selections of entertainment and can’t browse the internet using it though.

The next thing amused me, but also annoyed me a little at the same time. One thing I always make sure to do is pack lightly. Even if I am traveling for many weeks, I always carry just a carry-on because I hate wasting time waiting for bags at baggage claim, especially if I’m bouncing around every few days.

While checking in for my flight to Singapore earlier, I was told that bag was too heavy and too large for Singapore Airlines. I told the check-in agent that this was my 3rd flight with SQ in the past week and I never had a problem with the size or weight of my bag. It weighed 13.8 kg. She told me that the maximum weight for hand-luggage in business class was 7 kg.

Heck, I just got off a 1-hour domestic flight with my “excessive” carry-on, but I wasn’t going to argue with her. I asked her what she suggest I do since all I had was my carry-on and my purse, and that I had about 18 hours until I arrived at my final destination, Tokyo.

I explained to her that I needed to shower, have a change of clothes, etc. She wasn’t budging with allowing me to take my luggage on to the aircraft. She handed me a “baggage box”, something I have never seen up until today. It basically looks like a cross between a cardboard pet-carrier and a Chinese take-out box. Not exactly flattering, but I had to comply.

The ironic thing about the whole story in general is this: she tells me the max weight allowed as a carry-on is 7 kg. Take a look at the max weight printed on the bottom corner of my baggage box:

Thoughts? What little things at the airport amused you recently?

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  1. says

    The 7kg rule is a major pita! My camera gear alone weighs around 3kgs so I tend to wear the camera with one lens around my neck, then put it in the carry on as soon as we board. 10kgs would be a more reasonable limit.

  2. Nic says

    Wow I am amazed that they checked the weight. I had two flights with SQ last week and my carry on was very heavy but no one said anything. I am sure even my backpack weight was more than 7kg. I actually flew oz sq sq mh mh tg tg af this trip and never got the weight checked.

  3. Mike P says

    Don’t know if you’re in the market for any Apple products, but with the yen the way it is and a 10% off sale on some Apple products at Idea Lab in the Tokyo Midtown Galleria, you can get an iPad Mini 64gb for $425 instead of $529. (40,320 Yen)

  4. says

    Qantas hit me with the 7kg limit on a flight from Perth to Sydney, but not SYD to PER. It seems that enforcement varies by airport and even staff member. Thankfully, they didn’t weigh my backpack!

  5. says

    My guess is that either the weight allotment varies for different flights, or (more likely) 15 kg is the max weight that the box can hold before it falls apart.

  6. Jay says

    @Tara: My gear weighs the same (if not more, at times!) A lot of airlines allow cameras as part of your “personal” item and don’t include it in the carry-on allowance.

    2 months ago, I flew United (domestic and international),Jet Airways, Turkish and Lufthansa. And not once did they ask me to weigh my camera bag along with my carry-on.

  7. Michael L. says

    Mike P. could you elaborate the apple sales? I am about to go there and would like to know when the sales end and what other apple products they have on sale.


  8. MikeP says

    Michael L:

    When I was the Apple Store Tokyo (Ginza) one of the sales associates informed me that if I brought my passport they wouldn’t collect the 5% sales tax that’s embedded in the price. Take a look at and find the price in yen and multiply by 0.95. Then take that result and put it into google to find how much it is in dollars. Ex: iPad Mini (16gb) on Japanese Apple Store is 28,800 yen. Minus 5% gives you 27,360. Put the following into Google: “27360 JPY to USD” and you get 290.39. That same iPad Mini (16gb) is $329 not including any local sales taxes you would pay in the US. That said, I did find an authorized Apple Reseller in the Tokyo Midtown Galleria (Roppongi Station) that was having a sale. The iPad Mini 64gb was 10% off. The shop I bought it from wasn’t able to refund the 5% sales tax (communication issue) but I still got a good deal. Got it for $425 instead of $529. Make sure to use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

  9. Mike P says

    What? No free drink coupons in return? ;)
    I only gave you the tip because you’re a fellow Garden Stater, you know. Did you go to the store in the Tokyo Midtown Galleria?

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